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Fleming's Steakhouse in Newport Beach never goes out of style


With 70 locations and a new rotating Chef's menu, Fleming's isn't the average steak house. This week I had the honor of visiting the Newport Beach restaurant (at Fashion Island). I had been to Fleming's once over 10 years ago and was elated at the opportunity to try it again. My first experience was a night to remember and I'm so happy to say my second visit was just as amazing! Everything from the cleanliness to the service and of course the food.

I was invited to try the new Chef's Menu. This menu will change every 8 to 10 weeks until December. Obviously each location has its own Chef so each location will have a completely different menu. It gives the Chef's a chance to be creative and do something other than the standard menu. It lets them shine as individuals and not just as a corporate Chef.

Kevin Monahan is the Executive Chef at the Newport Beach location. His menu leans heavy on the beef side, which I loved. There is of course a fish option, but I had to pass for the beef and the steak and more steak. :)


Available at the Newport Beach location only. It tastes exactly how it sounds but better. Rimmed with sugar.


Served with cara cara orange segments and demi glace. These were the most tender nuggets of love. The meat literally melted in your mouth.


It was served with a small arugula salad, radish and pickled red onion salad, roasted garlic and crostini's. It was a fatty beautiful. If you've ever had bone marrow you would understand this phrase. I had horrible breath, but the combination of garlic and bone marrow on the crostini was heaven. The salad was the perfect palate cleanser in between bites.


Jalapenos, corn nuts & manchego cheese. Definitely more savory than sweet. It was creamy with a slight kick from the Jalapeno. You can taste the fresh corn in every bite. Full of flavor.


Served with white truffle oil and Parmesan cheese. So creamy with a tad bit of bite. The rice was perfectly cooked. Keep in mind both of these sides were quite rich. I would suggest getting one and then a vegetable side.


20 OZ, bone marrow, roasted garlic cloves. The steak was perfectly crusted and seasoned. Yes,it was served with another bone marrow, but it was so good, how could we say no? Keep in mind that this is a solid 20 oz. Its a hearty portion.


7 OZ medallion served on a bed of truffle and wild mushroom risotto and demi glace. As much as I loved the strip steak, this was my favorite of the two. This steak was so tender. It melts in your mouth.


Fluffy sweet biscuit filled with whipped cream and sweet strawberries. Served on top of creme anglais. Delicious.

Our meal was delicious and oh so memorable. I can't wait to come back. Keep in mind, that the bill on this meal was steep. But, we did go overboard. We went decadent. We didn't say no. If you're smarter than we were, you'd better pace yourself and the meal would be much more reasonable. In fact right now, they are having a special. If you sit in the bar, there's an awesome happy hour and you can get a Fleming's burger and a glass of wine for $25!

UPDATE July 2nd, 2019

The new Chef's Menu is out. See slide thru below for new Chef's menu items.

Fleming's Steakhouse

455 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660 949.720.9633




The food at this restaurant was provided complimentary or at a discounted price, however all opinions are 100% mine. A free meal does not buy a good review.

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