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Fork in Aussie Pies is the modern pot pie!


Fork In Aussie Pies is re-inventing the way we think about a Pot Pie. They have an actual store front in Inglewood with full menu, but they also deliver via Milk and Eggs and Gold Belly with more limited menus. Still great selections available tho.

I'm sure you all remember those Swanson frozen pot from the 80s and early 90s? These are nothing like them. These pies take 3 full days to make and aren't filled with preservatives like those hockey pucks we ate growing up! The process starts with marinating the meat for 24 hours. Then a 2-4 braise on the meat and resting overnight. Then finally a shortcrustdough is used for the base and a buttery croissant is used for the top of the pies. This lengthy process makes all the difference in the taste!

Depending on where you're ordering your Aussie Pies from, there are 4 different sizes. I have 3 of them pictured here. They have a 9in, 4in, 2in and bite size cuties.

And they come in a huge range of flavors!

CLASSIC AUSSIE GROUND BEEF Slow cooked choice ground beef marinated in Australian Shiraz Red Wine with mirepoix (diced carrots, celery & onion) in a traditional short crust pastry base, with a buttery croissant pastry top.

STEAK & SHIRAZ Steak cubes, slow cooked & marinated in Australian Shiraz Red Wine with mirepoix(diced carrots, celery & onion)in a traditional short crust pastry base, with a buttery croissant pastry top. THAI CURRY CHICKEN AKA “Surfer’s Paradise”Perfect for Thai curry fans. Coconut milk, sweet potato/yams &chicken thighs. First taste is sweet because of the coconut milk – then the curry kicks in. Served warm, but can also be enjoyed cold. Short crust base & croissant top

MADRAS VEGGIE CURRY Like a samosa – garbanzo beans (chick peas) with cauliflower, madras curry powder and some jalapenos. Our spiciest pie, but not overly spicy. If you love Indian food you will love this pie. Short crust base & croissant top (Vegan Option is available!)

VEGGIE RATATOUILLE Every bite is different.Big chunks of eggplant, 2 squashes, bell peppers, garlic, onion, Kalamata olive tapenade in short crust base & croissant top BBQ

PULLED PORK The only pie with a built in side! Short crust base with a generous serve of delicious BBQ pulled pork, topped with Mac n 3 Cheese (cheddar, Parmesan and blue),& a squirt of truffle oil to finish.

LAMB & ROSEMARY Choice American Ground Lamb, marinated in Australian Shiraz Red Wine with mirepoix (Diced carrots, celery & onion) and selected herbs, including rosemary. Short crust base & buttery croissant pastry top.

They also have some delicious side orders as these pies were made for stacking! They were all amazing but that mushroom gravy will always have a place in my heart! More mushroom gravy!!!

Minty Mushy Peas (V,GF)

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato (V,GF)

Roasted Garnett Yams (VEGAN/GF/DF)

Sausage Croissant Stuffing (Contains Pork)

Mac n 3 Cheese(s) (V)

CaribBEAN Quinoa (VEGAN/DF/GF)

Mushroom Gravy (V,GF)

Creamy Thyme Gravy (GF)

They even have desserts! Picture is the Nanna Macs Lamington. Its a light sponge cake dressed with chocolate and shaved coconut.

I'm super happy to have found these little suckers. I especially love that they can be frozen and popped into the toaster oven for dinner in 30 minutes! Its a gourmet meal without any of the effort! I'll definitely keep purchasing these over and over!

Fork In Aussie Pies

11918 Aviation Blvd Inglewood, CA 90304



424 348 8060




The food at this restaurant was provided complimentary or at a discounted price, however all opinions are 100% mine. A free meal does not buy a good review.

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