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I love Amir's Balls (Falafel) :)


Located in a small strip mall next door to a subway and a 420 dispensery, Amir's Falafel is a hidden gem. I worked in Sherman Oaks for 4 years and I had no idea this place was here. I am sooo glad that I found it, they have some of the best Falafel balls that I've ever had! Seriously. They are amazing. Both the LA Times and Thrillist have featured them.

OK, the menu is super simple and seriously intense at the same time. I love love and love the food. But the one and only down side about Amirs is trying to figure out the menu. There is a hand brochure at the counter and they also have it up on a board in front of the restaurant. There's falafel, kabobs and shwarma. Also, you can have any of those with 4 of their 10 salads or a combo with rice. Or you can just get the 10 salad plate. They also can make you a pita sandwich that can come with or without salads. Confused? Yea, me too. Good news is, they are working on a new easier to read/understand menu as I type this. My recommendations are the falafel (Vegan, but not glutten free), the chicken kabobs with rice and any of the salads. They also have that amazing garlic sauce that's better than zankou chicken. Yea. Better than Zankou. Also, they do have a good selection of vegan/vegetarian items. When I went last week, I was served so much food, I couldn't possible eat it all. I took most of the salads home and gave them to my vegan roommate. She loved all of them!

The dining area is pretty small, so don't take a large party here, but this would be amazing to grab lunch or take out on the way home from work. Parking also is a bit limited, but they have a valet at night.

Everyone is super nice here. Its family owned and its delicious. I'll definitely be back if for no other reason than the falafel!

Amir's Falafel

11711 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, 91604





The food at this restaurant was provided complimentary or at a discounted price, however all opinions are 100% mine. A free meal does not buy a good review.

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