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Is Maruyan Ramen just HYPE?

Updated: Aug 18, 2019


Located in the heart of little Tokyo. I really wanted to love this place. I saw it on another's instagramers feed....all that meat!!! Who woudn't love a bowl full of tender pork and ramen?? I thought I would! But so sad that I didnt.

Walking in, its the typical ramen house you'd expect to see in Little Tokyo with the rice paper screens and bamboo. They had a few different combinations. Do you perhaps want an extremely large bowl of soup or do you prefer a medium sized bowl, with less meat? Would you like a combo? This would be a side fried chicken or dumplings. We got the 2 large meat bowls and a side of the Karage Chicken.

The bowl is huge and it literally is encased in thinly sliced chashu meat with a huge bounty of ramen underneath. Unfortunately the meat was flavorless and kind of fatty. The ramen was cooked perfectly, but the broth was really lacking flavor. I had to add a lot of chili to mine to spice it up becausse it was so bland. I've never had to do that with a good tonkotsu ramen before.

It wasn't bad. It was average. But who dreams about average ramen? The Karage chicken was good. It was dark meat nuggets crispy on the outside. Its a great instagram picture, but chances are I probably won't be back.

Maruya Ramen

104 Japanese Village Plaza Mall

Los Angeles, CA 90013



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The food at this restaurant was provided complimentary or at a discounted price, however all opinions are 100% mine. A free meal does not buy a good review.

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