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Ku Ti Cafe brings me back to my Vietnamese Roots


Being half Vietnamese and raised in a multi-cultural family I hated eating Vietnamese food as a kid. It was nothing like my white friends were eating and it could be quite stinky. Now as an adult, I'm so embarrassed that it took me so long to embrace my culture and find the love for the fresh ingredients and deep flavor profile that the cuisine offers. Its crazy that I now jump at the chance to eat Vietnamese food. Alas, I am still me and I am still very particular in my tastes. I want it flavorful, but not greasy. I want it fresh without tasting too earthy and I want a depth to the dish without it being too expensive or fancy. I basically want my mother's cooking kicked up a notch. Drum roll please....Let me introduce you to Ku Ti Brunch & Grill.

Ku Ti Brunch & Grill in Westminster on the border of Garden Grove and Fountain Valley is serving up some of the most beautifully plated and delicious Vietnamese food in little Saigon. The decor is clean and modern and the dishes have been refined and are plated beautifully. Definitely fancier than Momma Kim served up, but still has the home cooked feel.

I'm sad to say the only dish that I didn't take individual pictures of was the Seafood Hot Pot. I was so concerned with the flat lay above, I completely forgot. However, you can see all the components here. The broth was was more of a Thai flavor and was solid good. However when the addition of a few squirts of chili sauce was added. Bam! It was incredible. Its served with a huge plate of vermicelli noodles, two kinds of cabbage, misc greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, cubed fish, shrimp, clams and fish balls. For $22 its a great deal. 2 can share it, but I would add an appetizer to make it a full meal.

This is the garlic butter escargot. Its delicious. I mean really REALLY good. Bewared that the texture changes a bit once they get cold, so be sure to eat them right away. The garlic is extra bold, which I love, but if you're on a date, bring breath mints! $12

Meet the Grilled Scallops with Green Onion. There was maybe a head or two of garlic in there too with some fried onions. The start of the day. We couldn't get enough of them. I may have even stole my friend Tony's portion. They were that good. $12

This is a minced shrimp wrapped around sugar cane and then baked. You serve it wrapped in lettuce with fresh mint, picked veggies and vermicelli noodles. Then you can dip it in tammarind sauce but I personal prefer it was a nuoc mam. It tastes so fresh and crispy. So good $12

This is the house special fried rice. It had mixed veggies, Chinese sausage, chicken, shrimp and then topped off with a fried egg and roe. So simple but so yummy. This tastes just like Momma Kim used to make! $13

Pictured is the garlic noodles with shrimp. The noodles and the shrimp were cooked perfectly! The noodles were thick and al dente while the shrimp was moist and delicate. I personally would have liked a little more garlic flavor... after all they are garlic noodles, but other than that, its a solid order. Also, you should know the plate is huge. So if you're eating by yourself its at least two meals. $11

Last, but not least is the Shaken Beef made with filet mignon. It was flavorful and a tad bit spicy. The veggies were cooked perfectly and the meat was super tender. And at only $11 this makes it a must order, must try dish! We had a beautiful brunch here and I will definitely be back. The portions are flavorful and substantial. I can't wait to come back and for sure I want to take Momma Kim to try the hot pot. I know she's going to love it.

Ku Ti Brunch & Grill

15619 Brookhurst St, Westminister, CA 92683





The food at this restaurant was provided complimentary or at a discounted price, however all opinions are 100% mine. A free meal does not buy a good review.

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