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Mondo Tacos in Santa Monica, CA


If you're a taco fanatic like myself, you'll find that there is almost no wrong taco. Soft taco, street taco, crispy taco, deep fried taco...all tacos, how I love thee. With that being said, occasionally, you can get tired of the same taco over and over. That's where Mondo Tacos come in. They've changed things up. All are served on a house made corn tortilla. Each taco has a unique flavor profile. Their website sums them up as International Cuisine gone wild. I'd have to agree. They have everything from Mexican to Asian to Greek to Fish Tacos. I really liked everything I tried. A few more than others, but overall a great experience. If you're someone who likes spicy, but sure to order their house made Ghost chili Salsa. My tongue went numb. I'll be back to do it all over again!

Mondo Tacos

2200 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90404


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