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Read this is you want to know what to order from Lock & Key Social in Downey


Located in downtown Downey, Lock and Key Social Drinkery is earning quite the name for themselves! They have really taken hold of traditional steakhouse fare with a rock star twist. Its located in a standard, older building with a huge full bar. However, never judge a book by its cover because they are far from standard.

Lets skip to what everyone wants to know about...the food! I was lucky enough to try 6 of their menu items. Here's the low down on each one. See below for pictures

Our first entree was called "The MESS Burger". It consists of 2 House 100% GRASS FED Patties, American cheese, Nacho cheese, Chorizo, Charred lemon sour cream & Green onions, Hot Cheetos and Cropped Classic American White Bun. First of all, I am not a fan of hot cheetos. I really thought I was going to hate this burger. Surprise...I loved it! The bun was buttery. The meat patties were so flavorful. The nacho cheese was gooey and even the hot cheetos helped with a textured crunch! Warning...this is a 10 napkin burger. You're going to get it running down your arms, underneath your nails, I think I even got some in my hair. So worth it. And I want to give these fries their fair share of honor. They were crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, slightly salty, not greasy and down right delicious!

The next burger is from the SECRET menu. Its called the "BIG MIG" Its LKSD's upscale version of a big Mac. And let me tell you upscale is the only way to go. This version has that same buttery bun as the Mess, but 3 layers, Two 5 oz fillet mignon rounds in lieu of Mickey D's fake meat, housemade thousand island aoili, shredded lettuce and Gruyere cheese. The steak on this sandwich was so tender that I could cut thru it with only a butter knife! It was so good that I reheated it in the toaster oven 2 days later and it still melted in your mouth.

American Kobe Beef, Rustic Tomato Sauce, House Ricotta and Garlic Toast . There's only one way to eat these. Start with the garlic toast, cut one meatball in half. Schmear the ricotta cheese on to the garlic toast and gently place one half of the meat ball on top. The perfect trifecta of a bite. If you want to get really fancy add one of the below Brussels sprouts to the bite!

Sliced Apples, Candied walnuts, Bacon bits & Apple gastrique. These were amazing! So much flavor! The apples and the gastrique make these pretty sweet tho. Protip: Get the above meatballs and eat them together. The acidity from the marinara on the meatballs with the sprouts is a winning combination!!!

Of course I'm going to save the best for last! How do I decribe perfection? First, the ribcap on this was at least 10 oz. It was huge and my favorite part of a ribeye. The meat was seared crisp on the outside and the perfect medium on the inside. There was perfect marbling of fat throughout. I wish I had taken a picture of after we cut it. It was beautiful. Seasoned perfectly and its HUGE. My rec is to come with 2 to 3 people. Get the Tomahawk and a few sides. You'll still have leftovers for sammies the next day!

Lets not forget the dessert! We were so full, but the because the Pretzel Churro Affogato was so highly recommended, we had to say yes! Vanilla ice cream served with Kingston cold brew coffee and a signed of the most delicious churros made out of deep fried pretzel bread that was tossed into cinammon and sugar. The perfect way to end an amazing meal!

I think its pretty obvious I had an amazing meal and I love this place. I honestly didn't see any downsides, which is rare. I wasn't drinking when I went, but they have a huge full bar so definitely a good place to celebrate a birthday or a special occassion. The portion sizes are large. Come hungry and or bring a friend. The steaks are amazing but pricey (well worth it) so if you're wallet can't handle a tomahawk then get one of their more affordable burgers or sandwiches. I promise that you won't be disappointed! There's still a ton of menu items I want to try so I will definitely be back! Lock and Key Social Drinkery

11033 Downey Avenue, Downey, CA 90241





The food at this restaurant was provided complimentary or at a discounted price, however all opinions are 100% mine. A free meal does not buy a good review.

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