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Salazar's in East Los Angeles, CA


I've been watching the buzzing reviews and I really wanted to get over to Salazar's in Frogtown for the past few months. The Instagram and Yelp pictures are amazing! But if you go to their website, it looks as if it were designed by a high school student in 1992. They have no phone. It made me wonder. Finally I bit the bullet and Im so very glad that I did!

Its not in the best neighborhood and there is no ritzy valet parking. In fact, you'll have to park on the street and at night its a little scary. However as you walk up the cement stairs to the hostess station, you'll see the restaurant has a very cool vibe. What used to be a gas station in a previous life is now 90% outdoor seating with a relaxed but hip vibe. However, be warned, if you go at night, you'll need to use the light on your phone at night to be able to read the menu as it is quite dark.

There were two of us and we shared everything, (as I make all my friends share all their food with me). The menu is fresh and simple. All the meat is grilled on a large outdoor bbq. The drinks are made with love and are extremely balanced. We started with the Ceviche Tostada, then the carne and pollo asada tacos and finally the grilled pork chop with grilled peppers and a side of Elote (off the cob).

I started off with the Prickly Pear Cocktail. Slightly sweet, slighty salty, well balanced. I only had one, but I could have had six. Each tostada shell was brushed with a mole guacamole. The ceviche was so fresh and flavorful without being over whelmed with citrus. Every bite was heaven. The tacos were a delight. Both the carne asada and the pollo asada were cooked perfectly and packed with flavor while served on home made tortillas. The Pork chop. Oh my, the pork chop. It came to the table, served on the bone. While a beauty, the thick cut lead me to believe that it was going to be dry. NO! As I cut through this chop of love you can see the juice in the meat. And remember it was dark. It was served with a chimichuri sauce that was divine. The elote was grilled and sweet and buttery.

I'm sure by now you can tell, I am a fan. I will be back.


2490 Fletcher Dr Los Angeles, CA - 90039


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