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This is how you can get a little Hawaii in California from Ono Hawaiian BBQ


Ono Hawaiian BBQ is just what the name says. Its simply foods that feature the fusion of flavors that Hawaiian food has to offer. Whats a little different about Ono is that they use totally fresh ingredients and almost everything is made from scratch including the marinades. Even the Katsu is hand rolled in panko. Its not a frozen chicken patty. It really shows in the tastes of all the meats.

When you walk into any of their venues, you'll pay, then sit until your number is called and then go pick up your food. Every location that I have been to, the workers have been friend and the establishment is clean. And its really inexpensive for a large amount of good food.

Now before I go into the menu options let me first say how much I love Hawaiian macaroni salad. I mean love it. Like I could sit with a huge tub of it on my lap and watch the Bachelorette. So when I go to Ono, I always get an extra side of this miracle comfort food. Its slightly acidic but sweet. I'm hooked. I may need to go to Ono Rehab. I digress.

There are appetizers like the crab rangoon, masubi's and the crispy shrimp. And then there are the Ono plates. You can get different combinations but its basically two scoops of steamed rice and a scoop of macaroni salad served with steamed cabbage and a protein. There's BBQ Chicken, Chicken Katsu, Grilled Chicken and Island fire Chicken. There's BBQ beef and Kalbi Short Ribs and Kalue Pork. They also have a crispy shrimp and a fried White Fish. I can never decide so I always opt for one of their combos.

All in all, Ono is a solid place to pick up a quick lunch or dinner without breaking the bank. I'll definitely be back.

Ono Hawaiian BBQ

Various locations throughout California & Arizona




The food at this restaurant was provided complimentary or at a discounted price, however all opinions are 100% mine. A free meal does not buy a good review.

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