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Tired of boring gifts? Try Thoughtfully.com


Are you tired of sending fruit baskets and cookies for thank you gifts? Nothing says happy birthday more than a meat and cheese box. Or not? Well, its 2018 folks! There's a world of gifts to be sent and Thoughtfully.com is one of the best! This is not a paid or sponsored post. I just genuinely like them. They have everything from honey to hot sauce. And some nice kits like the one below that I got. Just an FYI, it doesn't come with alcohol, but it does include everything else. There's real ginger, ginger beer, and a moscow mule simple syrup. Not to leave out the really cute shaker and cups! I love it and I've already used it several times. To be honest, I'd much rather get something like this for my birthday or house warming instead of fruit or cookies. It lasts longer and its super chic!

Check out their website. The gifts start at $35 and go up to $99. Not bad if you ask me. But more importantly they are things that people will want to receive!



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