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Why Meiji Noodle is the UDON place to go in The OC

Updated: Aug 18, 2019


Located in a strip mall off of Lake Forest Blvd, Meiji Noodle (formerly known as Mucho Mahalo) is the new home for a fast affordable bowl of Udon. I visited on the 2nd week of the soft opening and at 12pm the line was out the door. The space is small and there are tables for 4 and also a few community tables. You stand in line pay for your food and when your number is called you walk up to the front and pick up your own order. When you're done eating you place your bowl on a large shelf at the back of the restaurant. Genius. You can get a quality and I do mean Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y bowl of Udon soup for under $10.

There are 6 different hot Udon Soups and 1 cold. All can be made spicy. I was able to try the Beef Udon and the Kake Udon both amazing for different reasons. I can't wait to come back and try the Curry Udon and the Cold Udon. It makes my mouth water thinking about them. They also have a large selection of tempura and poke bowls.

I loved everything that I tried. The broths have been stewed for hours and the noodles are handmade every morning. This is by far a fine udon restaurant quality that is quick and less than $10 a bowl. (The Kake Udon without add ons is only $5.75!!!) I'll definitely be back!!!

Meiji Noodle

22611 Lake Forest Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630




The food at this restaurant was provided complimentary or at a discounted price, however all opinions are 100% mine. A free meal does not buy a good review.

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